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Questions, ideas or something else entirely? If it concerns heritage buildings, we want to hear all about it.

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The right narrator of complex tales

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Heritage properties can have splendid stories to tell, but also complex ones. Herbé guides you step by step, from impossible beginnings to a heritage project with a new destination.

Delve into the past

Phase 1

We start off each project by studying the heritage thoroughly. We explore the building’s historic value. What is its history? What has it experienced through the years? What is valuable and what is not? Based on this data, we define what can and may be done for this specific building.
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Master plan for the future

Phase 2

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Then this heritage research is passed on to Herbé’s creative element. Our (interior) architects, designers and urban planners explore new destinations for the building, taking three factors into account; the completed heritage research, the surroundings and the client.

Heritage research

We implement new destinations with the greatest respect for the property’s heritage. We preserve valuable elements and determine where to make improvements.


The four of us take to an imaginary helicopter to explore the local environment. After all, heritage is only truly valuable when the neighbourhood finds it such. We investigate which functionalities the environment needs and how to bring these into being.


Nobody wants to live in a museum. And that isn’t our intention at all. Herbé works with historic properties’ distinctive features and issues to fit your personal wishes.

Splendid 200 years ago; even more spectacular today

Finding new destinations is the most sustainable way to build. By making new use of old buildings, we help contribute to a circular economy. A newly built development is lovely for a time, but then it loses its value. A heritage building, however, only gains in charm and value as the years pass. If we renovate such properties using sustainable materials, our plans for the future are complete.